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Wiley DiSC Agile Emotional Intelligence Profile

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Home-Office-Bundle: Now including Online-Training
Wiley DiSG Mastery Basic Training

Wiley DiSG Mastery Basic Training

  • All you need to know about the original Wiley DiSC-model.
  • Most valuable expert material: 22 chapters, total of 128 min online-training.
  • Regular price: 39.00 Euro (plus VAT)
  • Including audio podcast for listening and re-work.
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What is in it for me?

First of all, you will receive your personal access data to your personal online questionnaire to perform your personal Wiley DiSC profile Emotional Intelligence. Your answers to the questions in the online questionnaire will be the basis for your personal, individual Wiley DiSC profile Emotional Intelligence. After that you will be able to download your own, individual DiSC-profile in your personal, secure member area as a PDF file (optionally in printed form by post). This is a detailed and personalized report of 29 pages.

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Disg Modell
Disg Modell

What does my personal DiSC profile Emotional Intelligence include?

  • Basic introduction to the DiSC-model to better understand the result from your DiSC-test.
  • Overview on the DiSC basic styles.
  • Presentation and detailed explanation of your personal DiSC style and what it says.
  • Representation of your personal, individual “shading”.
  • The 8 Agile Emotional Intelligence mindsets you can call on to guide your interactions.
  • Your personal Emotional Intelligence mindsets.
  • our personal emotional intelligence styles, your strengths and your effect on others.
  • Your agile opportunities.
  • Your personal action planning sheet.

Furthermore, in your personal member area you will receive additional material for explaining the DiSC model with interesting and valuable background information.

How can my personal DiSC profile Emotional Intelligence be useful for me?

By increasing your comfort with adopting different mindsets, you can increase your agility and therefore your ability to navigate countless situations.

Most of us, however, get stuck in patterns of behavior that make it hard to choose the most effective response every time. We rely on familiar responses not because they’re the best choices, but because they’re what we know.

By developing your emotional intelligence, Everything
DiSC Agile EQ helps you reach for new responses that can take you places your instinctive ones won’t let you go. The more comfortable you grow with these responses, the more agile you’ll become, flexing and adapting to meet the needs of any situation.

Using your DiSC assessment results, this report will teach you to navigate outside your comfort zone so you can choose the most effective response every time. With the flexibility and freedom this agility brings, you can adapt to your circumstances, rise to meet new challenges, and get the most out of every interaction.

Disg Modell
Einsatz Disg Modell

Wiley DiSC Productive Conflict profile

On the basis of your responses to the questions in the online questionnaire, you will - tailored to you - receive a PDF-document of 29 pages.

  • How is this report personalized to you?
  • What is agile EQ?
  • What EQ mindsets may come naturall to you?
  • What EQ mindsets might take more effort for you?
  • What does it take to stretch to the other mindsets?

Scope of application of the Wiley DiSG profile Emotional Intelligence

Our workplaces require us to navigate all sorts of complex interpersonal interactions, and there’s no one-size-fits-all way to respond to them. One moment requires us to stand firm with our opinions. The next asks you to stay open to a colleague’s ideas. One situation may benefit from an objective focus on facts, while the next calls for care with a colleague’s emotions.

Wiley Everything DiSG profile Emotional Intelligence helps us to develop our emotional intelligence and makes us stronger in all situations.

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Wiley DiSC Agile Emotional Intelligence Profile

Price: 124.90 Euro (plus VAT)

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