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Training and more - Focused on scientific and technical specialists and markets

My name is Dr. Martin Auer and I warmly welcome you to the Science Sales Academy.

Here you will find a variety of training courses, seminars, workshops, coachings, consulting and online training for all phases of the sales process, for strategic sales, key account management, management, leadership, corporate and group culture, personality development and social skills.

I have in-depth know-how in scientific and technical markets and, for example, have had international experience in sales, key account management and personnel management since 2005. I have been offering training, workshops and further education since 2008. My credo is: by scientists and technicians for scientists and technicians. Find out more about myself here and convince yourself of my professional skills.

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Proven Expert

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Certified trainer

Official trainer certification according to the original Wiley Inscape DiSC with regular and ongoing train-the-trainer-training.

RMP certified trainer

Original RMP (REISS motivation profile) certification with regular and ongoing train-the-trainer-training.

Training and workshops with online shop, remote and classic face-to-face training

Would you like to develop professionally and personally? Then we are at your side as certified trainers (Wiley-DiSG and RMP) with coaching, seminars and training courses, whether online, remote or as face-to-face training.

Below you can get an overview of our services.

Sales and selling


Sales presentation

Sales and selling are in one of the greatest changes and upheavals of all time. This concerns both the activity of selling as well as the sales organization in terms of structure and processes. Whole sales teams are facing big challenges.

Leadership, leadership culture and leadership styles: The success of any business ultimately depends on the people who make it possible. The development of leadership skills is of central importance here.

Central and most important part of sales processes for instruments, the product demonstration or "demo".
An instrument demo is not a normal presentation. Mix up both and you have already lost.
There are many pitfalls and success factors here.

Negotiation training

Web Video Academy


Negotiations are an important and, in most cases, an inevitable part of sales projects. But how do you properly lead negotiations to success? How can you enforce your own interests (prizes) without damaging the relationship?

Many of the contents and training are also available as up-to-date and modern online trainings. All you need is an internet connection. You will receive the access data to your personal member area with the video training and additional material.

The original Wiley DiSC model is an important foundation for everything that has to do with people: selling, project management, leadership, etc.. Social skills are needed anywhere. The DiSC model offers a robust and workable structure.

Our broad range of services as trainer for you

No matter what goal you have set yourself in your professional career, we will help you achieve it with seminars, workshops and training courses. The focus is not only on your professional development, but also on your own personal development.

As a DiSC trainer, I offer you trainings and seminars in English and German from the DiSC area, but also from other areas:

  • Sales and selling
  • Leadership development
  • DiSC-training (basic training as well as Workplace, Sales, Work of Leaders, Management and productive Conflict)
  • Negotiation training
  • Web Video Academy
  • Sales presentation
  • YouTube Video Marketing

Get the best out of yourself and your company

My offer is targeted at all people who work professionally in dealing with people, whether they are scientists, technicians, engineers in business, salespeople, project managers, executives and many more.

Get the best out of yourself and your company with my support. Numerous positive reviews speak for our skills and satisfied customers.

Find out more in my online shop or contact me personally, I look forward to your inquiry.

Profound experience and competence in scientific and technical markets

  • Experience in target markets since 1994
  • Successful international experience in sales, key account management, leadership since 2005
  • Trainings, workshops, on-the-job-trainings since 2008

Target group

For all scientists, technicians or engineers working in the field of business, as a sales representative, sales manager, key account manager, project manager, executives, human resource managers, managing directors or in other positions dealing with people.

At first it all was about technology...

In our first, actual profession in science and technology it was all about, well: science, technical and reliable numbers, data, facts, specifications, measurements, test arrangements and, of course, results.

But then it's more and more about people

In many cases this is no longer sufficient in our later field of business ​​responsibility. We have to sell our results and products, it's about closed deals, it's about won negotiations, it's about a group culture or a corporate culture as the basis for further growth, it's about effective leadership and motivation. Put in plain words: it's about people.

State-of-the-art & modern

The Science Sales Academy offers highly specialized knowledge for this gap in the form of trainings, workshops, books, online training and coaching. A lot of it is available as modern and high-quality online training with condensed specialist knowledge: accessible regardless of time and place, with MP3 download for mobile listening, with final assessment and much more.

By successful scientists and technicians - for successful scientists and technicians

Science Sales Academy offers highly focused knowledge and expertise as trainings, online-trainings, workshops, books, and coachings. Directly from successful scientists and technicians in all areas of the economy - directly for successful scientists and technicians in all sectors of the economy.

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