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Science Sales Academy

Business competence for scientific and technical experts.


Focused on scientific and technical specialists and markets.

Made by scientists and technicians - made for scientists and technicians.

Trainings, seminars, workshops, coachings, consulting and online trainings for all stages of the sales process, for strategic sales, key account management, personnel management, management tasks, corporate and group culture, personality development and social skills.

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Online-trainings, all DiSC-profiles online available including training video, simple and secure payment processing.

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Profound experience and competence in scientific and technical markets

  • Experience in target markets since 1994
  • Successful international experience in sales, key account management, leadership since 2005
  • Trainings, workshops, on-the-job-trainings since 2008

100% recommendation

  • Highly satisfied customers in Europe and in the U.S.
  • Highest focus on transfer of knowledge into practice
  • Priority of effectiveness and sustainability
  • Training languages: English and German


"The 2-day seminar was really great. It has helped me in my dealings with people to better perceive, recognize and understand the wishes and drivers of my counterpart. It was a real asset to me. Many Thanks!"

U.R., Munich, Germany
Instrument sales manager

"I am an employee of the SES organization in Bonn. In my foreign assignments in Georgia and Serbia, Dr. Auer provided valuable assistance in the preparation as well as in the implementation of the projects. These were the foundations and also the demonstrable success for my clients, who have also developed into sustainable, ongoing projects."

Dr. Herbert Besson

"The Science Sales Academy training is very well tailored to salespersons from the research environment and also to the appropriate scientific clientele and customers."

T.F., Munich, Germany
Instrument sales manager

"Due to its easy application, the DiSC model is my daily companion for customers and colleagues. It not only allows me to keep my sales pitch intuitive, but also to adapt it to the communication needs of my customers, thus building a long-lasting bond of trust more quickly."

U.G., Berlin, Germany
Field sales manager

Target group

For all scientists, technicians or engineers working in the field of business, as a sales representative, sales manager, key account manager, project manager, executives, human resource managers, managing directors or in other positions dealing with people.

At first it all was about technology

In our first, actual profession in science and technology it was all about, well: science, technical and reliable numbers, data, facts, specifications, measurements, test arrangements and, of course, results.

But then it's more and more about people

In many cases this is no longer sufficient in our later field of business ​​responsibility. We have to sell our results and products, it's about closed deals, it's about won negotiations, it's about a group culture or a corporate culture as the basis for further growth, it's about effective leadership and motivation. Put in plain words: it's about people.

State-of-the-art & modern

The Science Sales Academy offers highly specialized knowledge for this gap in the form of trainings, workshops, books, online training and coaching. A lot of it is available as modern and high-quality online training with condensed specialist knowledge: accessible regardless of time and place, with MP3 download for mobile listening, with final assessment and much more.

Highly focused competence

Science Sales Academy offers highly focused knowledge and expertise as trainings, online-trainings, workshops, books, and coachings. Directly from successful scientists and technicians in all areas of the economy - directly for successful scientists and technicians in all sectors of the economy.

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