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Wiley DiSC Mastery Basic Training

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All about Wiley DiSC

This Wiley DiSC Mastery Basic Training will enable you to understand the Wiley DiSC model in all its facets and applications. It is the basis for all other DiSC-based modules (professional modules for sales, leadership, product presentation, etc.).

Accessible and available

temporally and spatially unlimited. No geoblocking. With your access, you can watch the DiSC online training as many times as you want. You get 128 minutes condensed professional knowledge, presented in 22 handy chapters, which will help you in professional and private life.

Including Audio (mp3)

You will also receive the corresponding mp3 file as download for each chapter. To listen to while driving, in sports, on the train. Just download it, listen to it and deepen your knowledge by the way!

You will learn,

  • how the Wiley DiSC model works,
  • what the basic characteristics of the respective DiSC basic types are,
  • what they value,
  • how they make decisions,
  • what motivates and demotivates them,
  • what their feel-good and stress factors are,
  • and much more.

You will be surprised how simple the concept is and how clear the principles are!

Disg Modell

Whom is the DiSC training made for?

This DiSC online training targets all who

  • want to render their work with people more effective, respectful and sustainable.
  • improve their leadership performance, increase their sales success, and take the quality of their interpersonal relationships to the next level.
  • are as an executive looking for a basic tool for dealing with people, internally and externally.
  • want to establish understanding, acceptance and mutual respect as an integral part of their work in private and professional life and who want to put that on a firm, professional basis.
  • want to show more constructive and productive behavior in conflicts.
  • who want to start or boost their leadership career.
  • who want to have one more advantage in the next application.
  • who want to stabilize, consolidate and strengthen their current position in the company.

Introductory chapter of the DiSC online-training: Wiley DiSC Mastery Basic Training (en)

Disg Modell

You will learn,

  • how deep the original Wiley DiSC model is anchored in our human psyche,
  • how deep it goes,
  • how well it's linked to our human emotion systems,
  • how old the underlying principles are,
  • and how easy-to-understand and easy-to-use the user interface is.

"Due to its easy and simple applicability, the DiSC model is my daily companion for all contacts to customers and colleagues. It not only allows me to craft my my sales pitch targeted and type specific, but also to adapt it to the communication needs of my customers, thus building a long-lasting relationship of trust more quickly."

U. G., Berlin, Germany

Sales, Instrument Sales


Order process infos

Safety, data security and privacy

  • Safe and easy payment options.
  • We protect your data: Your data is guaranteed to be used for no other purpose, it will not be shared and will not be sold for whatsoever reason.
  • Safety and security by proven practice: The original Wiley DiSC model has been used more than 50 million times worldwide.

Note for your security for this internet order

  • Your order form will look like this picture.
  • Payment is processed by DigiStore24, a worldwide safe and reliable online payment method.
  • Renowned partners for security and data protection.

Safe payment and order processing

  • Payment processing easy and secure via German provider.
  • Many payment methods to choose from.
  • Invoice on company with proven VAT possible (please specify during order processing).

Proven Expert

  • Excellent ratings.
  • 100 % recommendation rate.
  • Top-ratings in quality, performance, processing, methodology.
  • More information: Proven Expert

100 % money-back satisfaction guarantee

  • We want you to be satisfied!
  • Therefore you buy without risk.
  • Within 60 days of ordering, you may cancel your purchase; you get your money back - no ifs and buts!
    This is reliably processed via our safe and secure German partner Digistore24.
  • For personal DiSC profiles (of any kind), the 60-day money-back-guarantee is also valid for the payment of the purchase price. However, as soon as your personal DiSC profile is completed (completed questionnaire), a return is unfortunately excluded.

Competence and quality from certified specialist

  • Trainer is certified by the original Wiley DiSC licensor.
  • With many years of experience in training and applying the Wiley DiSC model.
  • Regular further education (train-the-trainer) directly at the original DiSC licensor.
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Wiley DiSC Mastery Basic Training

Enrol now for special offer price: 39.00 Euro (plus VAT)

Regular price: 59.00 Euro

Buy now >>>


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