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The Wiley Everything DiSC-model explained


Functionality, application areas, principles, differentiation and uniqueness.

What is the DiSC-model?

The DiSC-model (Wiley Everything DiSC model) describes human observable behavioral types in a matrix along two dimensions. This generates the four basic types of DiSC: dominant, initiative, steady and conscientious.

Primarily depicted in the DiSC model is the behavioral preference. This results in a very large and unique advantage for everyday use of the DiSC model. Behavioral patterns are easily observable for everyone. They are visible from the outside.

This makes it very easy for everybody to apply this DiSC typology as a classification in everyday life for all.

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DiSC model

How does the DiSC-model work?

On the horizontal axis, the Wiley DiSC model depicts a person's desire for binding to other people, connectedness: this is the relationship axis.

The vertical axis in the DiSC model describes the desire to exercise control and to shape and to form things: this is the so-called control axis.

These two dimensions give rise to the four basic characteristics of the DiSC model:

"D" stands for dominant
"i" for initiative
"S" for steady and
"C" for conscientious

These four basic characteristics are represented in a colored circular model, as shown on the left.

The utilization of this concept  with the four basic types is very powerful and will revolutionize your everyday life. But we are still far from the surface. It goes much further into the depths. (Image: Wiley)

Important basic principle of the Wiley Everything DiSC-model: "I AM NOT MY BEHAVIOUR!"

As already mentioned: The DiSC test is not primarily about personality traits. Instead, it is about behaviour and preferences of behaviour. Therefore, one of the most important basic principles in the DiSC model is: “I AM NOT MY BEHAVIOUR!”

That may seem a bit provocative at first glance.

However, it is true nonetheless: As humans, we can behave as we want. We are not slaves to our behavior nor are we slaves to our programming. We do not always respond to a question or situation with exactly the same answer or behaviour. We are capable of adaptive behaviour. And that's the point. This is a very important basic principle of the DiSC model.

It is always our own decision how we behave, how we respond to one specific situation. We ourselves are in control. Because we are human.

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Where can the DiSC model be applied?

The DiSC model is the first choice for all areas where people should treat each other fairly and respectfully. It's about building and maintaining good and lasting interpersonal relationships.

In selling and sales, DiSC is tremendously valuable for assessing customer types and directing tailor-made sales messages to them. It is just as powerful for matching your own salesperson type to the customer type.

As part of our sales activities, the DiSC model offers the unique opportunity to effectively tailor our classic selling tools to our customer type. After all, a closing technique must match the individual customer type just as much as an argumentation line for the objection treatment.

In the same way, the DiSC model provides valuable assistance in project management and leadership tasks when it comes to employee appraisals and the development of respectful cooperation.

The original DiSC model is simply a very practical tool to help us understand our fellow human beings. Understanding leads to acceptance, which leads to respect and enables better and more respectful relationships.

Basic and central instrument of corporate culture

Many companies that have dedicated themselves to employee satisfaction are using Wiley-DiSC. The DiSC model is used here as an integral and permanently installed basic and central instrument of corporate culture. The result is a corporate culture in which the DiSC model provides specific content for the respectful daily interaction that can be lived.

Companies and organizations with such a corporate culture achieve more effectiveness in all interpersonal relationships: sales, leadership, recruiting, project work, teambuilding. In addition, employee satisfaction and employee motivation will rise generally, while very often at the same time a reduction of the number of sickdays is reported.

In all these fields, the DiSC model forms the indispensable basis for a respectful and cooperative interpersonal cooperation.

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Wiley Everything DiSC (original): No horoscope, but proven, tangible and practical psychology

The original Wiley Everything DiSC model is a true psychologically and scientifically sound analysis and evaluation tool. The DiSC model is not simply a birth-date analysis, it's not a horoscope and it has certainly nothing to do with fortune-telling.

In everything that has to do with the DiSC model, practicability and applicability in everyday life have top priority.

The DiSC model offers sound and proven psychology in a handy everyday packaging.

"DiSC" as a trademark is just not protected. It is simply not protectable. So any test based on a few questions may be called DISC. However, that has nothing to do with the original Wiley Inscape Everything DiSC.

Only this original Wiley Inscape Everything DiSC has brought incredible 50 million profiles to the market worldwide. And every year around 3 million are added worldwide. This huge number is unique and is used as a database for our continuous development, customization and optimization.

Many other DiSC branches use the same number for advertisement purposes, however can not relate that to their own product. Rather, this number goes back only to the original Wiley Inscape Everything DiSC.

As you can see, the Wiley DiSC model is not some kind of a light version nor is it a quick shot, or a horoscope.

The original Wiley DiSC - no 08-15 one-fit-for-all, but sophisticated performance at its best

The Original Wiley DiSC has more different and differentiated profiles than any other provider: workplace, management, leadership, conflicts, team development and several more.

Even especially for sales, for us salespersons, the original Wiley DiSC model offers its own and specialized profile! A so-called customer interaction map is also available.

The original Wiley DiSC, for example, also combined Patrick Lencioni's team development concept with DiSC. A product that is highly future-oriented, because team development and conflict management will represent main challenges for companies in the future.

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The original Wiley Everything DiSC utilizes modern questionnaire technology

The questionnaire technique in the original Wiley Everything DiSC test is modern and state of the art: using the Likert method, not the less exact forced choice method, which anyway is under scientific criticism - nevertheless, used by most other DISC and test providers in general.

The original Wiley DiSC profile is the only one that offers insights into the questionnaire metrics and the calculation methods (while the personal data and answers to the questions are confidential and will never be disclosed of course).
For this, there is the Wiley Everything DiSC Manual.

The questionnaire as the basis for the individual Wiley DiSC profile is not done within 5 minutes with a few harmless superficial questions. Rather, it is a quite challenging questionnaire.

Filling in can takes some 20 to 60 minutes. There are a lot of questions behind. However, how many of those questions to in fact see, depends: It is highly adaptive.

This mature and advanced method achieves at least 30% more accuracy than outdated forced choice methods.

The uniqueness of the Wiley DiSC model: It easily works bi-directional

The reverse or bi-directional usability of the Wiley DiSC typology may well be considered one of the most valuable features of the DiSC model.

This is because the DiSC typology is designed from its basic conception also on the reverse use. The four basic types of behavioural preferences are thus also easily recognizable by observation; in other words, even without the persons concerned taking the DiSC test and receiving a personal profile.

This is a very important prerequisite for the practicality. Because as a salesperson in sales, you cannot ask your customers to quickly fill out the test before signing the contract, right?

The situation is similar in project management, personnel management, in the area of ​​private relations or for any other situation that has to do with people.

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Self-awareness and self-assessment with the Wiley DiSC model

Every person is different. Every individual has their own peculiarities and thus also their fundamental behavioural preference. Therefore, in our own effort of continuous improvement, we should always begin with ourselves - and avoid pointing to others first.

The understanding of one's own behavioral preference, self-knowledge, is the indispensable basis. On this basis, the understanding of the other types of behavior arises in the first instance. In the second instance, this allows acceptance and respect for them.

That is self-reflection, self-knowledge, one's own status-quo, so to speak. And that is precisely what is an indispensable precondition for building up trustful and sustainable interpersonal relationships. Regardless of whether in the private sector, in sales, in project management, for management tasks or in conflict management.

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