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Professional knowledge for your product presentation

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Online-Training: Professional knowledge for your product presentation

In this online training you will learn all the ingredients and success factors that make each of your product demonstrations your personal success.

Wealth of experience and expertise

This online training provides the wealth of experience and expertise from more than 500 successful product presentations on three continents in 13 countries over a 14-year period, as well as many years of customer experience in the target market; grown both on direct sales activities as well as dealer trainings.

Accessible and available with no limits

Accessible without temporal or geographic limitation. With your access, you can watch the online training as many times as you want, with no recurring costs for online training. All you need is internet access. You get nearly two hours condensed professional knowledge, served in handy chapters.

Difference between "normal" presentation and product presentation

Did you know that there are fundamental differences between a "normal" presentation and a product presentation? Take advantage of this competitive advantage now and take the decisive step ahead of your competition!

Content of the Online-Training

Sales processes with product demonstrations are subject to completely different rules than other sales processes such as sales of consumables or classic field sales. The product demonstration with the customer is the central anchor point of the sales process. There are more success factors than the mere successful presentation of the product. What are these success factors? What is important? What are the secrets? That's what this online training is about.

Topics and chapters

  • Special features, pitfalls, opportunities and risks in sales processes with product demonstration.
  • What is important and what are the differences to e.g. field sales?
  • What does your own sales process look like and how should you adapt to the purchasing and decision-making process of your customer?
  • How does the individual sales process work, what are the essential components and where are the challenges?
  • "Timing" of the own sales process in the interplay with the competition (order of demo, offer, etc.).
  • Emotional contagion vs. technology- and specification-battle. What is important in the end? How to proceed?
  • Quality of arguments and lines of argumentation.
  • Why with us? Differentiation, USPs and further development of the USPs into a tailor-made story that communicates the customer's benefits in an attractive and irresistible way.
  • Recognizing the specific buying situation, identifying the exact drivers and adjusting the approach.
  • Customer types: Systematic categorization of contact persons and targeted coordination of own actions and arguments on it.
  • Principles in product presentation

Your personal advantage from the online-training “Professional knowledge for your product presentation":

After the training you will:

  • successfully perform more product presentations than before and get the deal.
  • perceive the product presentation with the customer as an opportunity and not as a risk.
  • avoid pitfalls and often committed mistakes in a simple and easy way.
  • set the course your success in the product presentation and throughout the sales process in a simple way.
  • achieve the highest possible conversion rates (success rate from product demonstration to closed order).
  • know how to successfully and confidently use the scientifically based knowledge gained from the research of the rules of the sequence of product demonstrations.

Proven Expert

  • Excellent ratings.
  • 100 % recommendation rate.
  • Top-ratings in quality, performance, processing, methodology.
  • More information: Proven Expert

This training is made for you, if you

  • are a salesperson or work in sales.
  • sell investment goods (devices, instruments, software, etc.) via a product demonstration to the customer.
  • see the product demonstration to the customer as a central step in your sales process.
  • as a salesman or sales manager with professional experience previously worked in another field of sales without product demonstration (for example, sales of consumables) and now want to sell new products by a product demonstration.
  • want to gain a decisive qualification advantage for the next stage in the case of planned in-house restructuring measures or takeover situations.
  • want to improve your conversion rate from product demonstration to order.
  • want to differentiate yourself from your competitors by the quality of your product demonstrations.

Extract from the online-training

Extract from the online-training

Extract from the online-training

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